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The Do’s and Don’ts of Wart Removal

Do you have a skin growth that just is unsettling to see on your face, foot or other part of your body? If it is concentrated around your skin or mucous membranes then there is a good chance that you have warts. There are many kinds of warts that can manifest themselves on your body. There are body warts which are the most common, cauliflower shaped little warts, flat warts which are wider, smaller and have a flat top, said to look like little erasers that pop up together. There are warts that are long and sensitive that appears on the bottom of your feet and even some that will appear around your mouth. Warts are usually a sign of infection and are easily spread to another person if you don’t treat them; but how does one go about treating them? There are many things you can do to get rid of warts and a lot of things you should avoid doing in order to do it right.

Factors you should avoid when getting rid of warts.

1. Don’t say no to going to the doctor. While doctor visits can be costly you’ll want to talk to him about your options. Avoiding the doctor means you won’t get professional advice about your warts. Warts can be a sign of various infections, some of which can lead to cancer so get a professional opinion.

2. Don’t think the warts won’t come back. If you buy over the counter products that don’t treat the warts with acid and instead just attempt to cover them up by moisturizing, then you aren’t getting rid of them. Warts will resurface so make sure to find treatment that eliminates the wart.

3. Don’t assume it is a wart. Many of the treatments will be ineffective to other kinds of growths so make sure you’re actually treating the right kind of growth before spending money on treatment. Make sure that what you believe is a wart is in fact a wart.

4. Don’t rely on over the counter pills. There are many over the counter topical solutions to help with warts but most of the pills won’t offer any real results other than perhaps stopping the itching if there is any.

Things you should do if you are removing warts!

1. Get a professional opinion. It might cost a bit but it’ll get you pointed towards the right medications and let you know how serious the infection is.
2. Identify your wart. What kind of wart is it? What kind of treatments are there for your wart? There are many resources for this information online.
3. Keep your hands off the wart. By leaving it alone and medicating the wart you’ll get it treatment and not cause it to grow or spread. Proper hygiene is a great way to amplify these results.
4. Last but not least; try Wartrol. Wartrol is a revolutionary new, easy to use, safe and effective wart removal product that relies on natural oils and FDA approved acidic properties in order to melt away your wart safely. It takes only a few minutes to apply, a few to set in and then 15 to start working. Give this over the counter treatment a few weeks and you can kiss your warts good bye.

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