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Garcinia Cambogia Changed my Life

While watching the Dr. Oz Show last week, I heard him say he would feature Garcinia Cambogia, something he thought everyone should try. After the commercial break he came back and I had my pen and paper ready. I knew I wouldn’t remember all the details so I was ready to listen and to write down just what he was talking about. He introduced Garcinia Cambogia as “The Holy Grail of Weight Loss” I thought I should really listen to him. I only heard him say good things about this product so I decided I should order some for myself.

What Exactly is Garcinia Cambogia Extract?

garcinia fruitThe next day, I went online and purchased some Garcinia Cambogia for myself. I couldn’t wait until it came to my house, so I started with this new lifestyle a little early. I wrote down an exercise program as well as searched out some healthier recipes to eat. I do realize I am an emotional eater and I eat when I am upset or feeling lonely sometimes. This was one of the reasons I ordered Garcinia Cambogia it helps the body to have a serotonin increase which in turn enhances your mood as well as can help with sleeping at night.

So, it wasn’t long and this amazing stuff arrived. All I had to do was to take my Garcinia Cambogia thirty minutes before each meal and notice the results, and they were fantastic as I was truly skeptical at first. The first week I lost five pounds. During each meal I did notice that I was getting full a lot quicker on less food and I even felt less hungry in between meals. The Garcinia Cambogia did just what the scientist claimed it would do overtime I started noticing the belly fat to disappear.

I have been on this weight loss journey for about three months now, and I am so happy. Garcinia Cambogia does work. I have lost those thirty pounds I gained at a time when it seemed everything was going south, my hormones included. I didn’t think anything could help as I tried lots of different diets and supplements but nothing worked except the Garcinia Cambogia. My doctor wanted to know what I had been doing because when I went back for a check- up my bad cholesterol was a good number and my triglycerides were even back to normal.

Garcinia fat burner
Needless to say he was happy as I had lost weight and my blood work came back to normal. I have made his job easy now and I can thank Garcinia Cambogia for the help. I know I wouldn’t have been able to see the results and feel as good as I do without these little tablets. Even though I am satisfied with the results, I am going to continue to exercise, eat right and take my Garcinia Cambogia as I have never felt like my life was complete before this change . This is so exciting I am now smaller and I have enough energy to take a dance class, something I have wanted to do for twenty years.

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