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Can Weight Loss Tea Help Reduce Calories

If you want to lose weight then go the Chinese way as Chinese tea has always been a part of all staple diet for people who want to lose weight. To sell their products manufacturers have labelled their own products as Chinese Diet Tea so that dieters buy this tea and lose weight.

This is mainly because people believed that tea originally contained only four calories and natural caffeine per serving and that this was sufficient to increase the metabolic activities of the body to help burn more fats as well as calories.

As you know that tea contains polyphenols that are known to help digestion of food as well as fats and this is what originally Chinese diet tea was all about. The Chinese Diet Tea are labelled differently by manufacturers like they sell their product with different names like slimming tea, fasting tea, weight loss tea, Chinese diet tea etc and the main purpose is to make you drink this tea and help you lose your weight.

Research has proved that Chinese Green Tea does have the qualities of helping burn up more fats and calories in the body. Catechin polyphenols that are found in green tea extracts may help change your body’s chemical transmitting nor epinephrine in the nervous system which in turn increases the metabolic activities of your body thus helping you reduce weight by burning more fats and calories. Green tea is known to have thermogenic properties and helps fats oxidation in spite of the high caffeine content.

Drinking weight loss tea in your regular diet will surely help you lose more weight and you can also feel that you are calming down considerably and there are far lesser chances of your getting heart ailments and prostate cancer.

There are a number of green teas available in the market today which are labelled as Chinese Diet Tea and of them Slimming Special Tea and Tava Tea Wellness Blend are the two most sought after diet teas. The reason for this is stated below.

Slimming Special Tea: A mixture of traditional Chinese herbs this tea uses the finest quality of triple brand teas guarantying you of not only maximum freshness and flavour but also natural beverage contents. A natural Chinese herb with Panax Ginseng goes into the making of this tea. This not only helps you lose weight but also helps maintain a good overall health and well being. The other benefits of this tea is that is regulates your appetite as well as it is a good laxative. Thus helping you clear your bowel without any pain and regularly.

Tava Tea Wellness Blend: The revolutionary tea that contains a three in one variety blend namely Sencha, Puerh and Oolong guarantees you a complete body detoxification as well as helping you lose weight quickly. This is the most widely used blend of tea today and is far more effective compared to other brands of Chinese Diet Tea that are found in the market.

Along with the drinking of Chinese Diet Tea you also need to add plenty of fresh fruits, juices, vegetables and water in your day to day diet in order to lose weight in a systematic way without causing any internal damage to the body organs due to strict dieting.